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Interior House Painting

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Colour And Mood In Your Perth Home

Did you know that the colours you pick for your Interior House Painting can have a profound effect on your mood? Colours can also determine what happens in a room and how everyone behaves and feels.

Warm Interior Colours

The use of warm colours for Interior House Painting, like reds, yellows, and oranges, creates a happy, conversational atmosphere. Warm colours are appropriate in rooms such as the living and dining rooms, where people gather. However, you may want to avoid red in the kitchen if you want to lose weight or save money on groceries, as red stimulates the appetite!

Cool Interior Colours

Cool colours are relaxing, so when planning for Interior House Painting in a bedroom, think blues, greens, and lavenders. They’ll help calm you and ease you into a good night’s sleep.

Bathrooms are the place where a mostly neutral palette of white and cream tones work well. They promote an atmosphere of cleanliness and purity. Whites and creams also reflect light and make the room seem larger. And if you decide you want a fun accent colour in the bathroom, the neutral colour palette will set it off beautifully.

Lively Colours

Workout rooms do well in lively colours like oranges, yellows, vibrant blues or greens. They keep you up and pumped during cardio and weight exercises.

If, however, your workout room is going to be more focused on yoga, then a muted colour, such as a soft yellow, is a better shade to choose.

Colours That Relieve Stress

The home office? Go green. Green promotes concentration and calmness. It’s easy on the eyes and is refreshing to look at. Green also relieves stress. Painting your Perth home office green will make it a place you will look forward to going to each day!

We want you to be happy in every room of your home. Contact us for a consult on Interior House Painting for your Perth home.


9 thoughts on “Interior House Painting

  1. Thanks for the great article Steve. These tips are great. I agree with you completely about how colours effect your mood and the feel of a room. Great Stuff!

    1. Thanks for your comment Andrew. Yes, when it comes to interior house painting, careful colour planning is essential in creating the right look and feel.

  2. Tim Tewalt says:

    I really liked the discussion about colors. I’m wondering where dark blue lies in function. Also, can you tell me what color green you say are best for offices, I think I need a bit more detail.

    Very helpful, wish you the best!

    1. Hi Tim. You may be interested in reading this too. Interior Painters Know Their Business
      Kind Regards
      Steve Mckirdy

  3. Michelle says:

    My favorite color is blue and my carpet is dark blue, my walls are a very light tinted blue and it’s very relaxing. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Hi Michelle You may be interested in reading this too. Interior Painters Know Their Business
      Kind Regards
      Steve Mckirdy

  4. John Rooney says:

    You Are so right Steve. It is a wonderful thing when a pro like yourself takes the time to share your expertise. Thanks Much!!

  5. Julie Larson says:

    Great article! I’ve always chosen colors that I like and next time will consider the mood they create.

    If red stimulates the appetite, which color suppresses the appetite? :)

  6. Eileen Lonergan says:

    I love this post! I am so interested in color. I have a lovely shade of green in my bedroom and I can literally feel myself decompress when I walk in the room. I had always toyed with the idea of red in the kitchen, but you have convinced me otherwise. I wrote a blog post about the home office http://www.webshoo.com/the-home-office/ I need to revisit my plans and look for green! Thank you.

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