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Exterior House Painting Requires Special Care

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The weather can be harsh at times in and around our area of Perth. We know what the weather can do to the exterior of your home. Good exterior house painting calls for a company that knows what to look for and the knowledge to deal with any problems that may be discovered. You do not want to hire a company from another area, but choose a local company who understands these environmental concerns.

Being aware of environmental concerns

Western Australia homes are subjected to high sun exposure and this mean high UV exposure. There are certain paints that are better suited for these conditions. Salt exposure, brought in by the wind, is another factor that affects the paint of your home. Hiring exterior painters who are familiar with the local environment is most important.

Close inspection may reveal different problems on different surfaces

Blistering: Do you have a wood exterior? If water becomes trapped under the paint and blisters will form. The western and northern sides of your home may develop this problem first. Knowing how to deal with this is important. Removal of the paint to find the source of the moisture, especially around windows and doors is needed. It may come as a surprise, but the darker colours are often the bigger culprit, especially when applied over old paint.

Mold: This must be handled appropriately in order to prevent the further spread of the mould.

Preparing new surfaces: Wood and masonry surfaces have to be approached in a different manner before applying the paint. Bare wood that has been exposed for a month should be re-sanded to bring up the new surface again. Nail heads need to be to be below the surface. A good sealer undercoat must be applied before painting. Masonry surfaces must be cleaned of all loose materials. New masonry must also cure the proper length of time before painting and a proper sealer applied before painting the exterior paint. The sealer will vary according to the type of paint used: oil or acrylic.

Bare metal requires special attention

Metal, like ferrous metal which is used in wrought iron, can rust and must be primed before painting. All rust must be removed before priming is done. Non-ferrous metals, such as galvanized metal require different paints. When it comes to aluminum, copper, stainless steel or brass, paint will not stick unless the metal is primed first.

Working with older surfaces

All rotten or decayed wood must be removed and the depression replaced. A filler of good quality must be used and it must be over-filled to allow for shrinkage that occurs during setting. If there is any movement that occurs in a specific area, there are flexible fillers that can be used. With masonry, loose paint has to be removed. If holes exist, they must be filled with the proper exterior masonry filler. The filler surface must then be roughed up and fully dried. Texture can be added so the repaired area matches the rest of the surface.

If you are ready to give your new or older home a first class look, contact us. We have the knowledge and experience you need and we will work with you to decide what needs to be done.


2 thoughts on “Exterior House Painting Requires Special Care

  1. I live near the ocean and what people often forget is that the sea spray can have an effect on the exterior of your home, even if your home isn’t right on the water. You are so right, you need people who understand the climate, the geography and patterns in changing weather. It is so helpful to work with professionals who have used a variety of products over a good number of years so they have a knowledge base from which to educate you. Thanks for the great advice!

    1. Thanks for your comment Eileen. Yes you are right. The ocean is very harsh on paint. Like Western Australia, USA is prone to extreme weather conditions from what I can gather. I see that you took great interest in our post on interior house painting. We have just released another interesting post on the Interior Painter if you are interested in a great read.

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