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Perth Painting Services

Steve Mckirdy 0 North Perth Painting

Perth, Australia is one of the most vibrantly painted areas in the world.  Located in, and capital of, the western part of the continent, it is the home of many of the governing and economic institutions and bodies of the country. The area is filled with brightly coloured beaches and houses.

Charming Joondalup

True Colours Perth  is located in Northern Perth near Joondalup, one of the most notable and welcoming cities in Australia. The name Joondalup is a Noongar Aboriginal word, first recorded in 1837 and possibly meaning either “place of whiteness or glistening”, or “place of a creature that can only move backwards”.What, you might ask, does this have to do with a painting firm?  It is part of the explanation for the region’s historic and colourful charm.  Go on our blog and read suggestions of colour and detail for your home and locale.

Our Staff – Committed to Perth Painting

We are demonstrating that the painters and other employees of  True Colours Perth understand their client base and can accommodate requests from restoration work to the inside and outside of historic buildings to modern design and decorating .  Our website shows a gallery of rooms after True Colours has beautified them, and you will find them bright, skillfully done, and charming.

You will also find testimonials to the quality and rapidity of our work, a hallmark of good craftsmanship, the ability to meet specifications within the agreed work schedule.  True Colours Perth has been meeting its goals for over twenty years and we are sure we can satisfy your painting needs with quality and on time.

Contact Us

Contact us as soon as possible and we will give you a swift and accurate quote, within reasonable deadlines and at a reasonable price. We are a family-run business and believe in the trust and integrity we offer from your first enquiry to our last cleanup.

Please, take a little time to examine the links we have made available to see the wonderful houses of bright rainbow colours we can create for you or your business.

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