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Professional Interior House Painting In Perth

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What To Expect

A fresh coat of paint can change everything. A new colour, accent wall, or a simple trim touch-up can give your space the desired character it needs. Whether you’re looking to give your room a whole new dynamic, emphasize a specific area of your house, or simply retouch an outdated room here’s what to expect from professional interior house painting.

  1. All surfaces requiring paint will need to be prepared and cleaned thoroughly. This insures that the new paint will properly adhere to the existing surface, and that no dirt or pollutants are present.
  2. All furnishings including floors and wallpaper will need to be protected with either dropcloths or poly plastic. Check out this link for more information on preparing your room for interior house painting.
  3. All nail holes will be filled in, water stains will be primed, and all vents and switch plate covers will need to be removed and sat aside.
  4. All loose paint will be scraped off. Smoothing will be considered for obvious cosmetic reasons. All bare wood will be repaired (if needed), treated for stains, and primed to make sure all new paint will properly adhere to the surface. This step insures that new paint won’t peel and the stains won’t bleed through to the topcoat.
  5. All baseboards, crown molding, and cracks along door jams will be caulked, along with any other problem areas.
  6. All cracks in the wall will be repaired with tape and bedding. In this step, drywall will also be matched to the texture of the existing area.
  7. Paint will either be sprayed, rolled, or brushed on the surface considered for application.
  8. The work area will be kept clean, and all excess paint will be removed. All touch-up paint is labeled and left for future convenience.

For an more information or an estimate on interior house painting in the North and South Perth, Joondalup, Kallaroo, or Scarborough areas, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to help you with all of your professional-painting needs.


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