12 May May 12, 2013

More Than Looking Good:

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Other Reasons For Exterior House Painting

Not only will painting the exterior of your home instantly improve your home’s curb appeal, and even make it feel like you have a brand new home, but it will also protect and extend the life of your house.  This is especially true if your home is exposed to inclement weather.  If your weather can be on the extreme side, such as heavy snow, ice, hail or strong winds, painting your house will be even more important.

Exposure to the elements slowly wears away at the paint on your home. This is why the colour will lighten over time.  As the paint wears away, cracks are exposed which can allow water or cold air to penetrate the walls of your home.  When you call for a professional house painting, you can expect a thorough inspection of the exterior of your home as part of the job.  After all, no one will ever have as close a look as the person that prepares your house for painting.

Let’s examine a few more reasons why exterior house painting is more than just making the house visually appealing.

Increased Curb Appeal

When it comes time to sell, a fresh coat of paint will instantly transform your home.  The sheen and depth of fresh paint will make the house look sparkling clean and brand new.  While that lime green colour may appeal to your eye, neutral colours will appeal to a wider audience.

Protection From The Elements

In the preparation phase of the exterior paint job, your home will be caulked, and this will effectively seal the home from the elements.  Any abnormalities noticed will be brought to your attention prior to painting so you can make repairs if necessary.  Paint serves as a “blanket” on your home which will also help avoid heat or cool air escaping through very small cracks.

Best Priced Remodel 

Painting may be one of the best values available for updating your home’s look.  If you were to compare the cost to a bathroom or kitchen remodeling job you would find an exterior paint job to be a very smart choice in an upgrade.  Very few remodelling jobs will offer the return on your investment the way painting can.

Exterior house painting, as well as all decorating services, is what we do best here at Reid Premier Painting Contractors – North.  We would like to invite you to contact us and tell us your dream for your home so we can get started on making that dream come true.

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