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How to Select the Best Commercial Painters in Perth

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The painters left spatters all over the sidewalk in front of your shop.  The paint started peeling 3 months after the job was done.  You hate the color.  And the job took a month longer and $1,000 more to complete than you were quoted.

How could you have avoided this expensive disaster?

Customer References for Commercial Painters

Getting references from satisfied customers is a key to finding the right commercial paint professional for your job. Its not enough to read web reviews on their site, ask to speak to satisfied customers, and if possible, visit their site and inspect the work.  A paint job is a big investment, and can have a huge effect on the overall impression that your business presents.

Look for Independent Reviews

Look for independent reviews whenever possible.  Local business review sites are a great place to look first for information on a business you are interested in hiring. Yelp is another good source of information. Remember, no news is often good news- unhappy customers are much more likely to post negative reviews, so the absence of any negative comments is generally a good sign, especially when balanced against several positive comments on other sites.  Independent sites are considered a particularly good source of information as the business themselves cannot edit the posts (although we recommend that you verify comments before basing major decision on them.)

Take the time to “vet” your contractor.  Do they have the proper insurances needed?  Who will do the work and who will supervise the job? How will payment work?  Will you have the option of making partial payments based on project deliverables? Does the contractor offer any sort of guarantee?  Are any additional services, such as design work, or roof spraying, included within the price or available for a reasonable addtional cost?

Picking the right Commercial Painter

Finally, make sure your contractor will work with you to get the results YOU need and want.  Paint color choices are very personal, and what you thought would look great may not suit your tastes once on the walls.  Will your contractor let you test out colors first as part of the job?  How will the inevitable issues that come up (cost overruns, mold, rotten sills, etc.) be handled as they arise?  Will the contractor allow you to do part of the work (ex. preparation, clean up, etc.) to help defray costs if you would like that option?

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