02 Jun June 02, 2013

How Commercial Painting in Perth can Perk Up Employees

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Did you know that workplace ambiance has a direct effect on employee productivity? According to the book, Creating the Productive Workplace,

“Too often buildings are seen as costly static containers rather than an investment which, if they are healthy and sustainable, can add value.”

These authors go on to say that “an interesting visual scene” and “contrast and random changes for the senses to react to” are important aspects for creating offices that support the well being of employees. As with any area in which people must spend a lot of time, the good feelings raised in people by the bright and cheerful space around them will help them to be happier, and thus more productive, in their work.

This is where Commercial Painting in Perth can make a difference in your employees’ health and well being. Reid Premier Painting Contractors – North has a wide range of experience with creating that interesting visual scene with random changes in colour which helps to keep employees’ senses active and alert. With our help, you can create an ambiance in your office which will encourage all of your employees to be happier, healthier and more productive in their work.

Check Out Our Gallery and Testimonials

You can check out samples of our quality work in our online Gallery. Here you will see how your eyes are drawn to the bright greens, oranges and reds in the work spaces we have painted. You can also feel how the bright white spaces add light and energy to the rooms. You can see that the results of our efforts have highly pleased our clients by reading their testimonials to the quality and professionalism of our work.

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So contact us today to discuss how we might transform an older building, with faded, scuffed or just out-dated colours on the walls, into a bright, engaging and supportive environment for your employees.

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