16 Jun June 16, 2013

The Benefits of Roof Painting

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Roof Painting is common for metal roof owners, but recently more people have been painting other roof materials in order to take advantage of what roof painting has to offer. There are many benefits in roof painting. You may just want to change up your roof color for a more aesthetic appeal and have the option to switch things up from time to time.

There has been talk of roof painting becoming part of the green roof movement. It is said that by painting your roof white you can significantly reduce the energy consumption of a home by reflecting the suns rays and lowering the heat absorption of your home. It is estimated that this can lower the temperature of your roof by 50% creating a cooler interior and less energy needed for air cooling and conditioning. Energy experts are also saying that this can help the environment by reducing carbon emissions, and eliminating ozone toxins through less energy use.

Research published in Environmental Research Letters online finds that if all of the world’s urban areas were outfitted with white roofs and light-colored pavement, it would cool the planet by as much as 0.13 degrees Fahrenheit, saving up to 150 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions-equal to 50 years’ worth of emissions from all the world’s cars. It is said that each square meter of roof that’s made 0.01 albedo units lighter is the equivalent of taking over 15 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. It also helps to lower electric bills during those hot summer months.

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