19 Jul July 19, 2013

Exterior Painters can Help Preserve Your Home in Uncertain Weather

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There’s no doubt about it—the weather here in Perth is not behaving normally. With June being one of the driest months on record, and temperatures dipping below freezing in the wheatbelt recently, we are all feeling the effects of unusual winter weather.

You may not realize it, but your house will be feeling that weather, too. If it’s used to getting a break from the sun in a more typically rainy winter, and not expecting to experience freezing temperatures, the wood on the exterior of your house may be suffering. If you had intended to have your house painted this spring, when the weather was more cooperative, you may not want to wait that long.

Remember that regularly painting your house is not just about keeping it looking nice. Exterior painting of your house keeps your home sealed against the weather—both the blistering summer sun and the rains that we normally have in winter. Paint protects your home from intrusion not just from weather, but also from the moulds and mildews which can develop in rainy winter weather.

The one advantage of our unusually dry winter weather is that the sunny but mild conditions are perfect for exterior painting projects. Since rainy weather can keep paint from drying fast enough to seal correctly, and our summertime temperatures make paint dry too fast to seal properly, this is actually a very good time to paint.

So why not schedule a visit with our expert exterior painters? We are courteous and professional, and the testimonials on our website will vouch for the quality of our services. If you contact us today, we can be ready to prep and paint your home during the next stretch of sunny winter weather, and your home will be prepared to handle whatever uncertain weather comes our way next.


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