27 Jul July 27, 2013

Perth Roof Painters can Prolong the Life of Your Home

Steve Mckirdy 0 Perth Roof Painters

There are a lot of questions being asked now about the necessity of painting roofs in Western Australia, but the fact remains that painting or spraying can prolong the life of many types of roof materials. If you are wondering about whether roof painters can help prevent leaks and extend the life of your roof, here are some questions to think about.

  • Your roof is the first line of defense against the weather. It bears the direct rays of the sun, as well as rain, sleet, hail and other forms of moisture.
  • Before painting, we can pressure wash to remove any growths or dirt buildup on your roof. Otherwise the paint may not adhere well to your roof. In addition to possibly extending the life of your roof tiles, this will help restore the clean, bright appearance of your roof.
  • Painting an older roof can help brighten its appearance and add to the property value of your home.
  • If you are painting the exterior of your home a new colour, changing the colour of your roof at the same time can help keep your home looking attractive.
  • Painting a roof is not a substitute for repairing cracked or broken tiles. If you have roof leaks, you need to have those repaired by roofing professionals first. Only after the repairs are made would you want to consider spraying your roof.
  • If you had your roof painted more than five years ago, it’s probably time to have it done again.
  • We have happy customers who will vouch for the professional painting work that we do here in Perth, North Perth and Joondalup.

So if you wish to consider painting your roof and adding value to your home, contact us today for a quote or estimate.

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