07 Aug August 07, 2013

The Psychology of Colour: How to Pick Colours for Interior Painting

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There is a lot more to colour than meets the eye. Psychologists have recently found that colour has an effect on mood, productivity, and even intellectual performance. When it comes time for interior Painting, it’s important to keep in mind that placing the right colours in the right rooms is more than just a stylistic choice–it can change the way you feel and relate to others. Below you’ll find some of the psychological effects of common colours.

  • Blue is a calming colour that stimulates the mind. It supports concentration but can sometimes create coldness or aloofness. Blue often works best in a workspace.
  • Green, which instinctively indicates the presence of water and persevering life, has a calming and balancing effect. Green works well in most locations, particularly those conducive to relaxation.
  • Orange is vibrant and social, producing feelings of comfort, abundance and fun. While too much may signify frivolity, the right amount can pick up the energy of a room. A perfect colour for a dining room, living room, or kitchen.
  • Pink has strong associations with femininity and sexuality and also produces a calming effect. Some sports teams have been known to paint the opposing team’s locker room pink in the hopes it will cause them to lose energy. It is a great colour for a bedroom or bathroom.
  • Violet is the colour of the shortest wavelength and thus has associations with higher levels of thought. It can stimulate introspection and communicates a high level of quality. This can work well in an room not intended for social gathering.
  • Brown’s most common effect is that of feeling supported. Associated with the natural world, it carries unconscious associations steady, grounded support. It works especially well in entryways.

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