12 Dec December 12, 2014

Avoid These Painting Mistakes By Hiring A Professional Painter

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Painting your home is easy, right? All you have to do is pick a colour, a paintbrush and put the paint on the wall and you’re done. It might seem like it’s that simple, but, it’s much more complicated. Chances are, you aren’t well-versed in all the little details that make a good paint job and what you don’t know could hurt you. Here are the common mistakes that amateur painters make, all of which can be avoided by hiring a professional painter in Perth.

  1. Choosing The Wrong Type Of Paint

    There are several different types of paint on the market, and if you don’t choose wisely, the results can be disastrous. If you put a flat paint on your walls, they’ll look dull and lifeless and are better used for ceilings. Likewise, if you use gloss or semi-gloss it’ll show every imperfection in the wall, they’re best for the trim. Use an eggshell or satin paint on your door trim, it won’t hold up, these are better for the wall.


  1. Not Buying Enough Paint

    It may seem that a one-gallon can of paint is going to be enough to paint your living room. Chances are, it’s not for one simple reason; you’re going to need more than one coat in order to cover the surface properly. One way to avoid this if you’re dead-set on doing the painting yourself is to use an online paint calculator to find out how much you need.


  3. Improper Preparation Of The Surface

    Years of built up dirt, dust and grime leave a film on walls and other surfaces. Careful cleaning is imperative before a drop of paint is applied, otherwise, it won’t lay down properly. Scraping off old paint to create a smooth surface is time-consuming, but it’s the only way to assure that a lasting paint job is accomplished. Finally, holes and cracks need to be filled in and sanded off to a smooth finish.


  5. Using The Wrong Tools 

    There are many different types of paint applicators from brushes to sponges to rollers. You’ll need a variety in order to do the best job possible. Good quality brushes are best used for cutting in the walls and ceiling and they’re also great for trim and moulding. You’ll also need to find a good quality roller cover for the walls. Using inferior tools will leave lumps, strands of hair and streaks on the surface and it will take longer too.


  7. Not Using Painters Tape

    When a professional painter prepares to paint, he’ll go around windows and fixtures with a special type of tape. Although it’s sticky enough to stay where it is placed, painters tape is easily removed once the job is finished. The bonus is, it leaves a nice, clean edge when it’s taken off. Not using painters tape will result in messy edges. This means you’ll have to scrape paint off of windows and do a massive amount of clean-up when you’re done.


The truth is, painting your home is not a simple process, by any means. There are many steps to take long before the painting begins. Our business is painting and we’ve got years of experience so we won’t make these mistakes in your home.Contact us to learn more, or to schedule an appointment. We are proud to serve Perth residential and commercial customers alike.

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